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Thanks to Blogger Support

Blog ini rusak selama 2 hari kemaren. Engga bisa melakukan republish. Saya kirim surat kemaren sore ke Blogger Support dan siang ini sudah dapet balesan dan blog ini sepertinya sudah normal lagi. Ini kutipan surat dari Support:

Blogger Support to me More options 3:04am (8 hours ago)

Hi there,

We apologize for the problems you have been experiencing with Blogger. We
had a simultaneous failure across multiple machines responsible for the
publishing of Blog*Spot blogs, but this issue has now been fixed. To
prevent this type of outage in the future, we are performing a full system
audit to ensure that proper redundancies are in place.

Blogger Support

Tuh, ternyata sejak 8 jam yang lalu.

Btw thx a lot Blogger support.